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Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time,The Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Program but when does not being able to sleep become a sleep disorder The answer to this question is difficult because so many factors can affect the amount of sleep a person gets that are not related to specific disorders. Things like health conditions, stress, and sleep habits are common reasons for a person not getting the rest they need. The only way to determine if you are indeed suffering from sleep problems is to pay attention to what you are experiencing and rule out possible causes.

Most doctors recommend that anyone who is having trouble sleeping attempts to alleviate the problem by changing their sleeping habits and keeping a sleep diary. A sleep diary is a daily record of things such as activities, foods and beverages consumed, sleep and wake times, and any odd occurrences or sleep troubles experienced during the night. When a change in sleep habits and reducing things such as stress does not help, they will want to determine if a medical condition is causing the problem or if it is truly a sleep disorder. Once they have found the cause of your sleep problems, they will take a closer look at the symptoms to find out what the exact disorder is.



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