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Your wife says she's not in love.Text Chemistry You're not sure if her declaration is due to the conflict you two have been facing or if she seriously just doesn't love you anymore. You're hoping it's born from temporary frustration because you're still very much in love with her. You've obviously got a challenge on your hands though. How can you possibly change what she feels and get your marriage back to where it once was If your relationship is that important to you, you'll find a way and it starts with understanding what she needs from you right now.

If your wife says she's not in love with you don't argue the point with her. Don't try and convince her that she's mistaken or that her feelings don't matter. Don't try and make her feel guilty by saying that you wonder why she's putting her own needs in front of your children. None of these tactics will work in your favor. In fact, they'll make your wife resent you more because you obviously don't care about what she wants or needs. You have to respect her feelings at the moment. If she says she's not in love take it for what it is. She doesn't feel as emotionally connected to you anymore and she's unhappy within the marriage.



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