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Women, for example, should keep close watch for unusual  Breast Actives discharge in their vagina. A white discharge similar in texture to cheese accompanied by itching and a burning sensation are among the common signs and symptoms of Candida or vaginal yeast infection in women. Vaginal infection can also cause pain during sexual intercourse and during urination.It's a good thing that these symptoms of Candida can be treated easily and adequately addressed with the right food supplements, proper diet and treatment.Candida albicans, the organism that causes yeast infections, is naturally present on our bodies. When we are fit and healthy the body keeps the levels of this organism in check. Problems can arise when an imbalance occurs and this opportunistic organism takes its' chance and begins to grow rapidly. There are many reasons why this imbalance can occur, such as low immunity, when you have been on a course of antibiotics, if you have been using strong, scented body washes, if you have not dried yourself thoroughly after bathing or you have not been getting enough nutrients from your diet.



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