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Neurologically stimulating the energy, blood flow and Proflexoral lymphatic drainage specifically to the structures of the hand will resolve the symptoms of pain, discomfort, irritation, hypersensitivity, achiness, burning sensations, pressure and numbness. Any signs of swollen tissue can be minimized by strengthening antihistamine and weakening histamine. How would you like to reduce and relieve joint pain, improve joint Flexibility and Mobility Increase your daily activity, return to a more vital lifestyle, increase energy, reduce and manage stress better. Joint pain can be caused from injury, degenerative disease, stress from overuse, and cartilage damage leading to inflammation of the joint(s). Joint pain results in decreased mobility, decreased activity level AND lifestyle, affects your sleep due to increased pain at night, and ultimately decreased energy and increased overall stress. Pain is not privy to any 'one' joint as it can affect the spine from your neck to your tailbone, as well as your upper and lower limbs.



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