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Are you prone to weight loss sabotage My Cellulite Solution Do you wonder how you can be so motivated one day only to find yourself without an ounce of motivation the next The problem is not in the foods, cravings or temptations, the real problem can be found in your thinking. If you would like to put an end to your sabotaging ways then I encourage you to take the next couple of minutes to read on. Watch your focus. It is easy to get your thoughts consumed by what you have to do to lose weight or worry about how much weight you have to lose and this can leave you feeling overwhelmed. To stay motivated and on track you want to train yourself to focus on the positive things you are creating for yourself. Focus your mind on how great you will feel, all the fun clothes you can wear and how much more you will be able to do when you have the extra pounds off. Make big enough changes in order to see results. While you do not want to feel burdened with weight loss you do want to make significant changes in your daily eating and exercise. When you make very small changes you are getting healthier but you are not producing results that are easily seen and this will cause you to lose motivation.



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