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Relationships and marriages do break way and this The Ex Factor Guide may be mainly due to conflicting reasons between the partners. Each of the partners may start accusing the other as being responsible yet it's the fault of both of them. Salvaging a marriage that is on the rock is not an easy task but with proper guidance and counseling from the right marriage counselor one can manage to save the marriage. Apart from that if you consider the following, you will be sure that your marriage is going to survive for a long time. You must learn to talk to your partner if not frequently dedicate sometime in which you can be able to talk with each other and even spend some quality time together, you can talk about anything so long as you are happy, this will ensure that you get closer and closer to each other without you knowing it. You can also spend some time together away from your home; change of environment will do you good and provide the perfect opportunity to increase your level of intimacy and romance. You can so this as often as you can, a date or a holiday will do you good.



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