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Antioxidants are materials that may well guard  Fat Decimator System your cells against the harm of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules formed when your system breaks down food, or by exposures to the harsh environment like tobacco smoke, chemicals in the water and food, and radiation. Free radicals can damage cells, and may well have a large part in circulatory disease, cancer and other diseases. You hear of countless smokers making some effort to justify their failure to quit smoking by saying such things as, "my grandfather smoked all his life and was incredibly strong, living until he was 88 years old." This information would seem to make them trust that they have inherited some "magic" family immunity to cancer. What they fail or reject to realize is that people such as the grandfather are anomalies or particularly abnormal occurrences in individual situations. The fact is that there has been little study regarding the genetics of disease avoidance and it is a very complicated topic to analyze because no one knows who is going to in fact survive certain ailments although they have lived their total lives around the high risk situation.



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