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What are Adult Stem Cells When you are born they are Turmeric Plus most abundantly found in your bone marrow and also can be found circulating in the blood stream. They are undifferentiated meaning that these cells don't have any distinguishing features yet and not derived from a tissue or organ in your body. They are your natural renewal system, so the incredible thing about them which fascinated me was that these undifferentiated stem cells role in your body is to replace dysfunctional cells, thus fixing your body's tissue or organs that are needing repair. This in return fulfills your own natural healing process and enabling you to maintain your health.So in the short these adult stem cells are considered to be your master cells that have the ability to become virtually any type of cells in your body like muscle, brain, eyes, pancreatic, joints, liver, heart, etc... enabling them to be first an undifferentiated cell and then be altered into the specialized cell so it is enabling a cell to natural renew itself creating optimal health and vitality to people.



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