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You set aside that time everyday to make that video, Manifestation Magic or write that article, or even paint the shed... but for some reason you just can't seem to do it. You kick yourself, because you know deep down how much you have to offer, but it still doesn't seem to motivate you enough. You see other people producing, and you know you can do the same, or even better but still you can't seem to do the deed.Welcome to the world of procrastination... where you will do anything and everything to avoid what is scaring you or overwhelming you!

I certainly talk from experience because I have been a Master Procrastinator in the past. For me, not delivering the best content possible, or just putting myself 'out there' really scared me and I found myself writing endless lists, where certain items kept appearing month after month. However, I quickly learnt that procrastinating was not going to lead me to my dreams or support me in empowering and inspiring all you lovely people. Therefore, I have been quick to take action and learn some key strategies to overcome my fears.



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