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Following the national outcry following the Good  Total Thyroid Housekeeping's somewhat insulting and poorly researched guide about thyroid illness and hypothyroidism, Dr. Erika Schwartz, a top skilled in thyroid stability and Chief Healthcare Officer of AgeMD talks about the signs or symptoms of hypothyroidism that individuals experience when struggling with hypothyroidism. She also talks about how the ailment might be properly diagnosed and handled by clinicians. When diagnosed appropriately, thyroid illness and hypothyroidism could be taken care of safely and proficiently with the appropriate thyroid hormone therapy.

What the heck is Hypothyroidism

What a sad think of affairs for that well being of America's girls. Thyroid condition -- undiagnosed and mismanaged -- is rampant. Quite a few women of all ages complaining of fatigue, fat acquire, insomnia, despair, weak concentration, hot flashes, fuzzy pondering and hair reduction are being misdiagnosed and mismanaged by doctors relying solely on standard blood testing to diagnose hypothyroid as a dilemma.



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