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No matter what changes you choose to focus on first,Obsession Phrases you'll want to be consistent in your actions, which is the second C in your strategic plan to recapturing her heart. Though you know it's not just an act, she may not think so. A few isolated instances of behavior change may do more harm than good. You could say that consistency is the key requirement when it comes to your second means of regaining her trust in your relationship. Without it, as far as she's concerned, you've got a couple a behavioral anomalies that may have been just flukes as opposed to positive signs of life. This could eventually make a believer out of your wife, and may cause her to rethink getting separated or divorced, and even investing once again in your marriage. You see, consistency is the key. Praying together – in addition to having your own private time with God daily and putting your spouse's needs before your own – is the first thing you must know to obtain a successful Christian marriage. The couple who prays together stays together. It's true. Time has proven it to be so. If you've hung around the Church for any length of time, you've probably had that one drilled into you time after time.



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