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There are many different types of neuropathy.  Pain Absolve RX   Each has it's own pathology. Even though different types of neuropathy cause different damage to the nerves, they all share a common nerve defect that is responsible for the burning, numbness and other neuropathy symptoms. I'm going to give you a very short, quick lesson in neurology which is the study of the brain and nerves. When you think of how nerves work, they are very similar to wires. They carrying electrical signals. These electrical impulses are coded. Readers who are my age or older will remember Morse Code. Nerves carry their signals in much the same way this code was used to send messages. The coded messages travel from different parts of the body to the brain, where the brain decodes and interprets them. The most basic cause of neuropathy symptoms has to do with the inability of damaged nerves to carry correctly coded electrical signals from the feet to the brain. When normal communication is disrupted, the brain feels bad sensations like pain or burning instead of normal sensations.

In long standing neuropathy the brain "feels" these abnormal sensations even after the nerves in the feet are healed. Now we have to remember that in neuropathy, usually the cause of the nerve damage is on-going. This means that more and more nerves become damaged, more and more incorrectly coded signals reach the brain and the brain misinterprets these signals. So if you understand that the symptoms of neuropathy are related to miscommunication between the brain and the feet, you'll understand how we attempt to change it back to normal. What makes neuropathy so difficult to treat is the fact than nerves are much more easily damaged than they are healed. Most doctors, myself included were taught in school that nerves can't heal. This is why you really need to see a doctor who is experienced with the treatment of neuropathy. They also, because of their training, believe that neuropathy is always progressive and there are few, if any, real treatment options.

Thankfully more recent research shows that our old understanding of neuropathy, is out dated and simply wrong. We can, under the right circumstances, promote nerve healing. The communications between the feet and the brain can be improved by a number of alternative treatment approaches. For the neuropathy patient this means less pain, less numbness, less tingling and better function. Now please understand what I just presented to you is an incredibly complex concept, the pathology of neuropathy, in a greatly over simplified way. If you remember anything from this article, I want you to remember that any doctor that tells you there is nothing that can be done to help your neuropathy, isn't up on the latest scientific data.




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