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Despite the benefits of rebaudioside A, the bulking agents  Fibre Select used in the FDA-approved commercial stevia products can have undesirable side effects. Sugar alcohols like erythritol are poorly absorbed and can remain in the gut where they are fermented by bacteria. This results in excess gas and abdominal bloating. Since sugar alcohols hold excess water in the bowels, they can also trigger diarhhea for some. Inulin is made up of long chains of fructose; in individuals who absorb the fructose poorly it is metabolized by bacteria in the large intestine leading to many forms of digestive upset, plus excess fructose is readily stored as fat. Stevia sweeteners that are bulked with cane sugar may be misleading to consumers who think they are getting calorie-free stevia with all the benefits; instead they may still end up with the weight gain, blood sugar fluctuations and tooth decay that come with sugar.



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