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Each sporting team is entirely reliant upon their Adam Folker’s Vert Shock fans that come to see them. The dedicated fans not only offer money support to the team, but much wanted support on and off the field. Who wants to play a Friday night soccer game without any fans cheering The question on each team's mind is how to take this support to the following level Certain teams who have realized the importance of their fans have created web sites to further engage collusion. Taking anything world is a particularly smart idea indeed. The Seattle Mariners have done an impressive job of their teams fan site. Children and adults alike can be kept updated of the team's progress and reports across the entire season. Message boards and blogs have been settled to give the fans an outlet and place to post recommendation, vent praise or disappointment, and network with other Mariners fans. The Seattle Mariners mascot Moose even has a page! No matter a moose or panther mascot, making a page just for your mascot is a great way to engage your youngest fans.



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