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What money you make is generally determined by  The Quit Smoking Protocol your actual earning potential; how much you and your employers, or company determine and agree you are worth in the marketplace, how much you are capable of generating from your craft or trade, or how much profit you have from net earnings from your business. A simple way to determine this is to look back and see what the highest tax return is that you filed in the most recent years. Generally when deciding that you need to increase your earning potential, there are things you may consider doing. The most common,If you maintain the same lifestyle and you are able to live comfortably and the bills are paid, you should have more money. This extra money or cash flow, is now the amount you will have to save or begin looking for investments to create more cash flow. By managing your money wisely, and then creating a master budget of your expenses will help you in visualizing your cash flow. You will be able to "find money" or "create money" to invest with.



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