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In addition to the searing-hot environments of sea vents and hot springs,Nomad Power System bacteria may also flourish in the bitterly cold and dark conditions that exist under the Antarctic ice sheet. The existence of such tidbits of life in such extremely frigid and Sunless conditions under the Arctic and Antarctic ice, directly indicates the possibility of life dwelling in oceans that are thought to exist beneath similar thick ice-sheets covering some of the icy moons of the outer Solar System--particularly Europa, a moon of the planet Jupiter. Other icy moons that may harbor life-sustaining subsurface oceans include Callisto and Ganymede of Jupiter (the largest moon in our Solar System), and Titan and Enceladus of the planet Saturn. The misty orange moon Titan is a tortured world that sports conditions that are thought to be very much like those that existed on Earth before the emergence of life. Furthermore, the existence of bacteria dwelling inside the ice of frozen lake water indicates that there is a chance that primitive forms of life could also be flourishing inside the ice that covers distant moons like Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Titan, and Enceladus.



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