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When most of us first set out to finally do something about saving our marriage,Language Of Desire there isn't many ideas that come to mind. You've already came to the conclusion most likely that everything you do seems to backfire or just makes your marriage problems worse than before. So you figure, that traditionally, at least in the mainstream eyes of things that some form of marital counseling or therapy for the both of you might be the next move. But, what happens if your spouse refuses to go to counseling or just flat out doesn't cooperate. For most couples, this can be a big problem. You want to work on your marriage, but your spouse doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. For that matter, your spouse may have already reached the point that divorce is the only way to fix the problems in your marriage or between the both of you. That ending it is the best possible solution. And any thought about going to counseling at this point to them seems useless and expensive.



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