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Right from our breakfast to dinner, what we eat is mostly Omega Plus Krill refined sugar, starch, carbs and loads of fats. If that is not enough, the amount of junk food, fried food, cured meats, packaged food, refined grains, corn starch, high fat dairy products and colas are destroying our insides with sodium, sugar, carbs, preservatives and saturated fats. All these things are something our body can do well without. Though we all very well know that eating a wholesome and a nutritious meal is the backbone of a healthy body. Still we find ourselves eating a diet that is unhealthy and possibly poisoning our body. The result of this is we are falling prey to the pitfalls of the western diet due to the consumption of synthetic and chemical instilled foodstuffs having no nutritional value at all. This lack of nutrition is making us easy prey for various ailments that were not so common during our previous generations lifetime. Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, various types of cancer, rise in blood cholesterol levels, obesity etc are the few hazards of our unhealthy eating habits. Research has also proven that the western diet wouldn't help you in ageing well.



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