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The best thing you can do though, whether applying with  LoanDepot Wachovia or any mortgage lender, is make sure you are as prepared as you can be. Double check all forms and credit reports for accuracy and always ask any question that may occur to you. Doing this has saved many homeowners a lot of time, money and hassle when refinancing or modifying their home loans. Now, when you speak with a bank or mortgage lender, you can be sure you have all the proper, and correct documentation you will need to streamline the process and ensure the best deal possible for you.  A lot of homeowners have applied for a home loan refinancing or modification during these tough economic times, only to be turned down.. Well now, with President Obamas "Making Home Affordable" plan, millions of homeowners are able to get a fixed rate 2% home loan. The savings for a homeowner easily add up to hundreds per month, and here is how.



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