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People believed that these four humours had to be Gluco Neuro Blood Sugar Regulator in balance to lead a healthy life. The interesting thing here is that if a person had too much black bile then this would lead to a condition that was described as melancholia, or a lack of energy and drive. This is very similar to the symptoms of the illness, if this was an early diagnosis then it has been around a lot longer than first thought. Later on in the 1980's a lot of business men who worked long hours were contracting, a flu like illness... reporting to their doctor tiredness and lack of drive, this was often labelled as, over working or exhaustion, rest was prescribed but would often not have the desired effect, chronic fatigue syndrome was becoming recognised as a real disorder a name was given to the illness yuppie flu, the name gave the stereotypical image of laziness when in fact, it was really CFS,so you can see why people were mystified as to what the illness was, and its causes! Inevitably more and more research was carried out and this led to the medical definition and hence its name was invented. but a real cause for the illness still eluded the medical world.


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