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A tan has the ability to significantly reduce facial redness. Venorex Can you believe someone with rosy red checks can realize this Incredible Unbelievable Pale individuals typically lack melanocyte hormone. Melanotan has the ability to stimulate melanin/melanocytes in anyone who is not pure albino...hiding a moderate flush underneath a tan. Again, this works in all types of skin down to the most porcelain white skin.

When studied, melanotan users epidermal thickness increased significantly. In rosacea sufferers the epidermis can be half that of normal subjects; thus doubling or tripling the thickness of the epidermis should be extremely beneficial to rosacea sufferers. Melanotan use will be utilized by many rosacea sufferers as it thickens the epidermis considerably (up to 300%), and has an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the epidermis and top portion of the dermis. Furthermore, it protects blood vessels and pain nerves via a much stronger and thicker epidermis -- this will lessen rosacea symptoms and triggers!



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