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There is a lot of money and inevitably a fair Hair Revital X amount of hype in the Hair Restoration industry. Most of us understand that in this less than perfect world, a few claims are likely to be made that maybe don't tell the whole story, if ya know what I'm sayin'.How much can it cost How much hair can they put on your head When is a hair transplant the best option How many surgeries to get it done Can something go wrong

Take five minutes to find out the answers to these questions and what they DON'T want you to know about hair transplants.HOW MUCH CAN IT COST Charges are "per graft" of from one to five hairs in most instances. There is also a method of extraction "FUE" or follicular unit extraction that removes and replaces one hair per each and every graft. The lowest price I can find is $2.50 per graft with from $3 to $8 dollars per graft being the "going" rate. Your individual situation is going to determine how many grafts you may need but from one to five thousand grafts is a good ball park figure to work with. If you haven't already done the math that means that five figure surgeon's fees are not uncommon for this procedure.



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