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Getting to know a woman is easy enough, but Christian Cafe Dating getting her to take that step beyond and make you think you are the man of her dreams is easier said than done. I have been using a powerful technique in the last year that has helped me make the women I meet immediately fall for me. Here I will share with you how I use it every time I meet women.

First you need her attention. Read some of my other articles on how to do that or just get it, shouldn't be that hard. Now, once you are in her zone, you want to create the illusion of what is called rapport. This could be explained as harmony. The technique to make this happen is called mirroring. Mirroring was used en masse by a hypnotist named Milton Erickson, who could hypnotize anyone with his practices. How he did it By mirroring the breathing of the person he was hypnotizing. Now, you might scoff and think this is just BS, but I will explain why this works so well on seducing people.



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