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Many people ask me whether they should drastically  CLA Safflower Oil cut back on calories when it comes to losing weight. Well of course one needs to cut back on calories to start losing because the problem in the first place is too many calories in and not enough being burned. However when I am asked this, many people are considering cutting their calories to an extreme deficit. They want to cut them to around 1,000 calories a day, which may lose them the weight but will leave them feeling terribly tired and drained. If you want to lose weight but still feel good then you need to cut calories sensibly. There is a way to work out how many calories you need to reach your ideal weight.

This is a general way to work it out but to work out calories take your ideal weight and times by 10. For example if you want to be 120 pounds then you will need a basic level of 1200 calories. However you have to take into the fact that you will also need a few hundred calories just for daily living. So at a very minimum you would need around 1,400. Of course though exercise is important when trying to lose weight so adding this into your equation is important. For vigorous exercise you should add up to an extra 500 calories. With this general outline you should be able to lose weight and get to you ideal quite easily. This gives you around 1,900 calories to try to work towards a 120 pound body.



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