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Your customer may not want to purchase your product at this time.Million Dollar Replicator It is recommended that you include your link to your main product or web site with your free product so that they will have a way to find your product should they decide to buy it later. Use an email broadcast to keep your list informed about what you will have coming up to offer them next also what bonus will accompany your product. This helps to build anticipation for your next product offer. By your customer getting a preview of your upcoming product offer they already will know what is coming to their inbox, you may have sold your product to them before your actual offer even gets there. The main strength of email marketing is in the size of your list. Your list must not only contain a good amount of prospective customers but they should be customers who are anxious to buy your products or service. These two factors will determine just how much income you will make using this method. If done correctly you can make a great income.



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