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Packaged foods are mixed. Some are "healthy" some are not.Platinum Soursop You have to be careful even if they are labelled healthy. Are they really healthy Do they have chemical flavour enhancers such as MSG, preservatives, or pH balancers Do they have swags of laboratory numbers on the ingredients list Or really, really long words that only your doctor or chemist would understand If so, then you should do some research, find out what they really stand for, and avoid foods that contain them. This can be a little difficult - especially if you have kids. It's that "No" word. Just make healthy alternative choices instead.As you can see, there are major differences between packaged foods and natural foods. As a rule, if it comes in a packet, so it has to be preserved. How have they done so Natural foods have a shelf life, and go off. That is the natural order of life. If a packaged food can sit on the shelf and not go off, decay and decompose, then it is not food, and is probably doing you more harm than good.



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