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Wedding decoration ideas are a good way to entertain your guests.His Secret Obsession For instance, you can choose a seasonal theme in season, or if you want to be a little zany out of season. A Christmas in July wedding will definitely have people talking. But don't go to far and have a Thanksgiving in April wedding, people will just think you're weird. You can also have an era themed wedding. Whether you're a young couple wanting to pay homage to the 50's generation or you've been married awhile and want to renew your vows in the same 80's era you first said "I Do" in. Just be careful your friends and family aren't planning an intervention because you're trapped in the past. If you can't find a band that's into your specific era, just find a D.J and ask him to play your favorite songs from that decade. And if a D.J is too expensive for you, find a sound system rental company that has a "do it yourself" option. And if that's too expensive, try the guy who plays music with his saw.



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