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So while we can easily divide fitness levels into adequate or enhanced  Mass Extreme we still cannot decide for each individual what the term means to him or her. We can define fitness easily enough with terms but then we are forced with the necessity to measure it. The activity sufficient for adequate is by definition not the level needed to achieve the enhanced fitness. So said we need to establish a measure that each individual will use to measure his or her own improvement in their fitness levels. At some point the individual who strives to improve their fitness needs to be able to assess how far they have or have not traveled towards their goal. One should be able to say, "I am fit" or "I am still not fit", or "I am getting there".There is no convenient method to test all forms of fitness. A "norm" could be established that would be a percentile of that level but it would not be an accurate standard for each individual. We are still all different and must perform at different levels. While you could be measured within the 80% of the standard you may be less than 80%. And yet are a must and are used to a great degree of success.



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