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If you choose a purebred puppy - and there are  Brain Training For Dogs hundreds of breeds to choose from - you'll know ahead of time how your puppy is going to turn out when he grows up. That's the benefit of choosing a purebred as opposed to a mixed-breed or hybrid dog! You can find out before you even buy him: how much he'll shed, how easy he'll be to train, how much grooming he'll require, whether he's going to be a good watchdog or guard dog, how big he's going to be, what he's going to look like, how athletic he'll be, and how he's going to behave. Of course, every dog has it's own unique personality and behavioral quirks. But in general, all dogs of a particular breed will grow up to act and behave like the other dogs of that breed. For example, you know that a German Shepherd puppy is going to grow up into a dog that striking in appearance, very easy to train, eager-to-please, athletic, protective, and intelligent: like all German Shepherd dogs are. Purebred dogs are man-made. They wouldn't exist if it wasn't for us. Pugs, Border Collies, Yorkies - every breed - wouldn't exist if it wasn't for us humans creating them.

To create a new breed someone decides what characteristics they want the breed to have. Then they only breed dogs together who have those characteristics. Lots of inbreeding then takes place. After years of selective breeding (breeding out the undesirable characteristics) and inbreeding a new "breed" is born. And when you breed dogs of that new breed together they produce puppies who grow up to be the same as the parents. As I mentioned above the benefit of choosing a purebred puppy is that you know how your dog is going to turn out -- in advance -- even before he's born. So assuming you're going to purchase or adopt a purebred puppy or dog, here are some of the things to consider about the many different breeds:



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