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If you are looking at using the solar energy at home for a Nomad Power System little investment and living independent of the Grid, then you should know how to build one by yourself. The fact is that it is easy to do. It will only take three steps to reach the stage of having a home solar system ready for service.
The first step is to do a home energy audit. The audit is aimed to learn what your power consumers are and which apparatus is the major contributor to your monthly utility bills. By doing such a careful checkout, you will not only have a better understanding of the current utility of power in your house, but also learn your needs in accordance with which the home solar system can then be built.

The second step is to find inexpensive components. It may take time to do this if you want to look around at every store in the region where you live. However, the internet can help you with this. Have a look around eBay and you will find some suppliers with cheap components. For a home solar system, you need to buy the solar panels and battery. The former is the equipment that will turn the solar energy into electricity. The latter will store the electricity.


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