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Online marketing is less of a  Prime Time Profits Review gamble than investing in stocks. It only takes more hard work to get into. You can even start it without paying a dime, or at least, just for pizza money. Contrary to what many internet marketers tell you, it WILL cost you time and effort - A LOT! Work hard today, see the benefits down the road. If you are willing to throw your weight behind it, you may find a friend in Google. Search Engine Optimization is the key.A blog you wrote in 2009 could still be delivering traffic to your website in 2011. Every time your traffic converts, you will receive passive income. The more internet marketing articles you create to generate traffic, the more passive income you will earn. If you continue investing time and effort, your income stream will keep growing. Each article will add a new income channel to your business. Years down the road, you could be sitting easy on the beach.


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