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Often people start to become paranoid about our  The Lost Book Of Remediesgovernment and their concern over our freedoms or the removal of said freedoms. Granted there are some legitimate complaints and concerns but in many cases the issues at hand are nothing more than needless rumors.

One particular concern was raised recently in a conversation with several friends over a cup of coffee. They were very vocal in expressing their worries over the use of ham radio equipment and the government tracking of it. I recalled reading about a similar concern several years previously and after becoming aware doing some necessary research on the topic.

First of all there are in force millions of pieces of ham communication gear in operation around the nation and logically thinking our government would be unable to keep track of who owns what in the way of ham radio equipment. Just out of mass numbers it is almost an impossible task or would not be practical to waste the resources needed to even attempt to track the equipments location. So if you have one or two pieces of equipment, I feel you would be safe in assuming our government is not tracking your radios and do not want them.



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