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Focus your attention only on one particular Million Dollar Replicator niche that you are interested in. Do not sign up with too many affiliate programs especially if they cover diverse topics of interest. You will meet lots of competition if you are not prepared for this.  Build Your Network. Many successful affiliate marketers have shared one of their secrets of success is they built a very successful network of friends, bloggers and Internet Marketers. There are many ways to build your network but the most common ways are through blogging and simply sharing information readily with others. So what kind of information do you share with others Share whatever information you think is useful to others including your best deals or any of your marketing strategies that have worked for you. Choose only the best affiliate programs and only those that you yourself will be happy to purchase it. It is important therefore, to even buy the affiliate product to try it out for yourself. That is the only way you can be sure that people will like the product you are recommending to them.



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