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Warts are bumpy growths on the skin that erupt after Revitol Skin Tag Removal contraction of the papillomavirus into a scratch or cut in the skin. This virus is very prolific and passes easily to other people through touch or contact with traces that are left behind on surfaces or floors. They are not harmful to you health in most cases but because they are contagious and they don't look very pretty most people choose to have them removed rather than suffer the indignity of them any further. If they appear on the soles of the feet they can also become painful which is another reason why it is better to have them treated. You can treat the wart with Keratolysis treatments which kills off the affected cells so that you can then remove them. For example, salicylic acid works in this way, as do various chemicals that encourage blistering. Cryopathy is the treatment of warts by extremes of temperature, which are generated artificially using chemicals such as liquid nitrogen. This treatment is usually administered by health professionals.



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