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It is well known in the currency trading world that the   Bitcoin Code   trend is your friend and any forex trading strategy, like those in the Forex Income Engine 2.0 Course, based around following a trend is likely to be both simple and effective.It is very easy to create trend lines on any forex chart, but most people prefer to use candlestick charts for this because the candlesticks are such a clear visual signal. When trend lines are forming, you can use them as a signal to buy or sell the currency pair. The first step in using trend lines for a forex trading strategy is to determine whether the market is rising, falling or is stable within certain parameters. Of course there will always be fluctuations, but at certain times you will see clear patterns.

If the price is rising

If the price is going up, first draw a straight line through the highest highs on the chart. This line will be sloping upward. Then draw another line through the lowest lows on the chart. If this line is also going upward and is approximately parallel to the first, you have an upward trend.
You can then use these two lines as support and resistance lines. This means that you can assume that while the trend continues, the price will remain in the area between these two lines. Therefore, any time that the price hits the top line you could sell, on the assumption that it will fall back. In a sense this strategy means going against the trend, but you would only hold that position for a short time.
Alternatively, any time that the price hits the bottom line you could buy, on the assumption that it will soon rise again. In this case you are following the trend which is often a better strategy. However, you must keep in mind that there will at some point be a true reversal and you may be caught out by this.



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