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Healthy eating and physical exercise work hand in hand.Native Nutrients You can't claim to be physically fit when you're not eating the right foods and exercising your body on a daily basis. You can't be engaging only in physical activities without taking the right diets. You'll simply end up destroying your body tissues. It's also not possible to be eating quality foods without taking time to exercise the body. Both activities must go together in order to ensure healthy living.Actually, healthy eating is all about taking nutritious meals on a daily basis. It's simply the art of consuming balanced diets. The meals you eat must include all the essential nutrients in their right proportions. Among such nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and so on. They are found in diverse kinds of food products.On the other hand, physical exercise is all about engaging in various sports activities. One can engage in daily jogging, running or walking. The individual can also engage in other sports like football, tennis, basketball and so on. The rule of the thumb is to engage in any of the favorite sports you like on a daily basis.



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