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Spices like cardamom helps in bad breath and aids  Cannabliss Labs Pure Hemp Extract digestion and turmeric is used for coloring as well as good to apply over wounds. Ginger and garlic help to fight against cold and cough. While mustard seed or mustard oil is a good source of iron, manganese and magnesium. A quick tempering of green chilies, mustard and curry leaves over steamed dhoklas( kind of puff cakes) are some of the easy recipes one could make at home in minutes. Indians like to deep fry their food which gives that extra crispiness and flavor to the food. Hence it would be wise if one leaves their calorie count at home before gorging down great Indian recipes , seo etc.Christmas is round the corner and the Xmas appetite is calling out to us from our tummies. I've begun rummaging around for books with the best of innovative Christmas recipes. To me Christmas is about the glossy snow, the flakes, the shimmering Christmas trees and not to forget the delectable Christmas dishes. However this year I'd like to add a bit of an ease to the Christmas recipes without compromising on taste. A little bit of a shift from the conventional variety, but firmly rooted to the festive ardor.



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