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You would be surprised to know that out of all the fuel  LowerMyBills that you put in your engine only about 20% is actually used as fuel. The rest 80% is spent as unburnt gases and wasted n one way or the other and increases the levels of air pollution.To convert car to water does not imply using water instead of fuel literally but using water to ensure optimum combustion of the fuel we put in out tanks.It has been mentioned before that the efficiency of an internal combustion engine is very low which leads to wastage of fuel. There is a need to device a method that would ensure better mileage by aiding better burning of fuels. If you convert car to water you will have to install a hydrogen generator system, which would in turn ensure more efficient burning of fuels.Now don't fret the task is not as daunting as it sounds. You can easily assemble a hydrogen generator system by raw material, which can be easily obtained at any hardware store around the corner. It's not at all difficult. All you need is a cylinder full of water, baking soda to increase the rate at which water is getting converted into brown gas (HHO). Attach the kit to your carburetor and make sure it is connected to your battery.



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