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Always plan ahead when it comes to housing and feeding. Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer Make sure that you have different types of pet food specific for your pet in the house before she gets home. Have toys ready for the pet and also a cage, if it's a pet that normally lives in a cage. For cats make sure the cat litter is in place and for dogs a sleeping bed specific for the dog should be in place. Read a guide about the animal you are getting before investing any time and money. Know something about the behavior of the pet, what they eat, what they are all about. Their likes and dislikes and their feeding habits, how often the drink water and how close you should have them around you. The idea is to know something about your pet and then learn more as you take care of it. Consider getting a collar, name tag or having a microchip inserted in your pet. This way if your pet gets lost and it has a microchip, it could easily be found by GPS, or if it has a name tag with its name and a phone number to call, people that come across it can easily get in touch with you.



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