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To fully comprehend how the South Beach Diet works,My “Sugar Balance ” you must examine the basics of metabolism. Metabolism consists of a series of processes by which food is turned into fuel for the body. It is easier to lose weight when a person's metabolic function is optimized. High blood glucose levels can negatively impact the body, creating a sluggish metabolism. A lowered metabolic rate will impede weight loss for the dieter. When the body is unable to produce insulin used to stabilize high blood glucose levels, the ensuing diagnosis may be diabetes. Foods that trigger high glucose levels have higher numerical values on the Glycemic Index. The Glycemic Index is one of the cornerstones of the South Beach Diet. In weight loss terms, those numbers are significant. The higher the number, the higher the blood glucose level, as well as the speed in which the level rises. Continually elevated blood sugars will make losing weight difficult because of the slowing of processes in metabolism. This is one of the main reasons that diabetics finding dieting and weight loss next to impossible.



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