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All those people that suffer from aThe Lean Belly Secret  slow metabolism find it very difficult to lose weight as they're unable to burn all the excess calories. So is there a way to control your metabolic rate? Yes, there is. Unfortunately, most people resort to starving themselves to lose weight.In reality, such method isn't going to work at all for the simple reason that your body is going to think that there's a famine going on and quickly go into self-preservation mode. It accomplishes this by intentionally lowering your metabolic rate and converting any excess calories into fat and store it for future use. Your body does this to protect itself. As a result, all your efforts to lose weight would be futile.So instead of starving yourself, you should instead eat smaller food portions at regular intervals. You should also eat high protein and high fiber foods such as lean meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Protein is easier to digest and tends to boost your metabolic rate. In a similar manner, fiber promotes proper absorption of the digested nutrients and cleans your stomach and intestinal tract to enhance digestion. Fiber also tends to make you feel full rather quickly and for a much longer period so you'll be eating less in the long run.Regular exercise also has a significant impact on your metabolism. If you have an active lifestyle and workout regularly, any excess calories stored in your body gets burned and the chances of the digested food becoming fat deposits becomes less. You can try brisk walking or go to the gym for a workout program or engage in any sport activities that you're passionate about. Boosting your metabolism isn't rocket science. All you need to do is be careful about what you eat and make sure that you workout regularly so that you can burn any unwanted fat in your body.


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