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Installing a wind energy system has many benefits, LowerMyBills such as reducing electricity bills and increasing dependence on renewable energy. The benefits may or may not outweigh the high initial costs of the system. On the low end of the spectrum, do it yourself kits and simple systems cost up to $6,000, while on the high end of the spectrum the systems can reach $45,000 or more. DIY systems reduce electric bills by 10%, while high end systems can make you up to 90% dependent on free wind power.

Skystream 3.7 is a low wind speed turbine system that costs approximately $15,000. It includes a 30-40 foot tower with 12 foot turbine rotors, which can be self-installed. The system produces 1.8-2.4 kWh of electricity. Helix Wind Savonius systems are designed to be extremely quiet, and work well in areas where noise can be an issue for neighbors and homeowners associations. The towers range in size from 15-35 feet, and the turbines may also be mounted on the roof. Costs range from $6,500-$15,500 for 2.5 kWh electricity. For wind energy systems that generate more power, expect to see sharp rise in price. A 4 kWh turbine costs over $20,000, and requires a tower over 100 ft tall. 10 kWh systems range in price from $80,000 - $120,000.



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