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Here are some simple tips to help you stop snoring. NutriSleep SS You must have come across pregnant women who snore in their sleep. The main reason for this is the change in the mucus membrane layer. Their mucus membrane will thicken. Thickening will restrict breathing, leading to snoring. One thing you can do is to use one or two more pillows for the upper part of your head. In an upright position, your head tilted this way will hinder snoring. You can try this out easily. The results would be quite something.Another preventive measure is to sleep on your side. If one sleeps on his side, gravity won't have an effect on the tongue. Thus, the tongue won't be able to block the airway. You can try this option instead of sleeping on your stomach. The snoring might not be completely stopped. Avoid always sleeping on your back. But this will alter the way you sleep. You will find that you will be disturbed less as you sleep. You will be able to face the morning with a fresher outlook.



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