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Honest people live by the golden rule, "do as to others...". Honest people see stealing as demeaning. Honest people believe in karma, that if they steal then someone will steal from me. Honest people are well thought out and think of the consequences of their actions over a lifetime, not just in the moment. Hire honest people.Assume after an "honest" person is hired the stealing begins. Orientation is the first place to discourage this behavior. Policies must be openly discussed. Employees are shown aspects of loss prevention and physical security in place. They are further told incidences of theft will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law. They are reminded that previous employees were caught and the expenses in fines and to lawyers in a criminal defense cost far more than the goods or cash that were stolen. In Singapore, Iran, Saudi Arabia, they put an average of 500 people a year to death for various non-violent crimes. That's perception equaling reality.



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