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Heart is essentially a part of our body which helps  Advanced CardioRX our body pump blood throughout the blood vessels. The word cardiac means 'related to the heart'. Heart is biologically composed of cardiac muscles and connective tissue. And the cardiologist is a physician related to the heart disease. He is specifically a medical specialist dealing with the disorders of heart; mainly human heart. Medically, there is vast field for a cardiologist in the terms of heart treatment as he has to deal with all kinds of disorders of human's heart from congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease to electrophysiology.

Our heart genetically gets affected by this disease occurred in the family member. A tendency towards heart disease can cluster in families; thus, family medical history offers important information for identifying risk in individuals. Such history can also capture the shared genetic in the coming generation. So we should be careful of that and consult both the cardiologist nd the geneticist. When there are excess symptoms of cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure in the body, there are more chances of falling in to the lap of heart disease. There are some other reasons of the heart disease such as unhealthy diet, obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol and tobacco that increase the risk of heart attack. In the terms of cardiologist his responsibilities can range from examining cardiovascular issues to conducting minimal or extensive heart surgeries. He considerably diagnoses the heart disorders such as heart arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, hardening of the arteries, peripheral arterial disease and the high blood pressure.



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