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The absolute worse time you can eat is late at night.Bruce Krahn’s Lean Belly Breakthrough Most people eat way too late and then go to bed on a full stomach. Your food needs at least 3 hours to digest properly and moving around not only helps you digest your food but also to burn calories - 2 things that don't happen when you are sleeping. If you are in the habit of eating big dinners late at night then this is the one thing you have to change if you want to reduce belly fat fast. Goal setting is an art that few master but if you are looking to excel at something, anything, then learning why you set goals is the first stage of mastering the process. I heard about a survey of school friends who had left school 20 years earlier. Some were wealthy, most were not. When asked how they achieved their wealth and the vast response was that they had goals and worked toward achieving them. It was no surprise to hear that those who struggled had not even thought of forming a financial goal at all. Goal setting is the first stage to having what you want so here I list the top 10 reasons that you should take goal setting seriously when trying to lose weight.



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