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If you want to gain muscle and become big, you Pro Muscle need to keep one thing in mind. Intense muscular contractions cause muscle growth. It is not the number of contractions it is the intensity. So where do intense contractions come from Well they come from lifting heavier weights. So if you are not getting the results that you want from your workouts, think about the amount of weight you are using and how intensely you are working out.

The other thing you need to realize is that basic exercises allow you to use heavy weights. For the chest you can use the bench press, incline bench press and possibly some dumbbell bench presses. For your back do pull downs, under hand pull downs and t-bars.For your biceps the you can use standing barbell curl and the alternating dumbbell curls. When it comes to the triceps use stow crushers, push downs, dips and overhead dumbbell extensions.

Moving on to the shoulders you can use the dumbbell press, military press, laterals and shrugs. For your legs do squats, leg press and leg curls. As you can see all these exercises are basic exercises. Why do they work Well simply because they allow you to use heavy weights. If you have your gym buddies around, they can spot you without killing you, or killing themselves.



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