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An incident, in its simplest form, is an event which  Combat Shooter System happens to anyone at any point in time. There may be reasons to influence the selection of candidates whereas other times are just a case of chance upon innocent bystanders. Whatever the scenario may be, if left unnoticed, many an incident has been known to escalate to critical states thus hampering steps of dissolving it or keeping it under control. At such point in time, experts trained in critical incident management are called onto the field. Their function is to assess the situation and come up with a plan of action based on history, experience and instinct. In addition to preparing emergency procedures, communication is an essential factor. To avoid miscommunication due to misinformation and misinterpretation, clear lines of interaction are established.Well I turned my water on and within 10 seconds it trickled down to a dripping flow. I thought it was weird, and proceeded to call all my neighbors to see if they had the same problems. Well my house was the only one with the problem. Then I called the city to see if they could tell me anything. Nope it was MY problem. Then I called my mother-in-law, whose father told her it might be something with some pressure something. First question - is that something my baby could have done? We figured it wasn't.



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