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The very concept of giving to receive is counter  The Manifestation Millionaire intuitive to our normal thought process, because if and when we do give it is usually after we have received. And yet ironically, many who have achieved great successes have long been aware of the fact that giving before receiving is perhaps more important than receiving and then giving. If a person is unwilling to give unless and until they have received, then most often what happens is a mentality and habit is created that actually makes giving after one has received much more difficult. The majority of those who have become successful in life have given - however little it may have been initially - before they received, and certainly after. Not coincidentally, they all unanimously agree that in random ways and times they have, as a result, received far more than they ever gave! It is undoubtedly a strange principle, but nevertheless true. From both a personal charitable perspective as well as even from a business point of view, the reality is that the more one unselfishly gives of their time and resources, the more they will obtain, receive back, and accomplish.


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