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Many doctors encourage moms to take regular naps  The Red Tea Detox during the day and uninterrupted sleep at nights to regain their body's strength. Your body needs a lot of time to recover from the stress and trauma of pregnancy and child-rearing. Two or three months after pregnancy is a minimal requirement which can extend to 6 months in order for women who have newly given birth to recover their strength and stamina. Taking regular naps during the day and at least 8 hours of sleep will do you good in recovering. Also, what most women do not know is that their bodies also burn calories during sleep, hence you are recovering while losing calories. Doctors advise most moms too to maintain a healthy diet that isn't geared for dramatic weight loss. Once you have fully recovered, that is the time that you can start exercising vigorously at the gym to trim all those unwanted fats and that bulging belly.



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